Membership Levels


As an Associate Member of OMTA, your company will enjoy the following key benefits:

  • Participation in the Working Groups
  • Ability to make contribution to specs development
  • Access to use of final specs
  • Right to vote in Working Groups
  • Patent review rights

As a Promoter Member, your company will enjoy the following key benefits in addition to those benefits provided for Associates:

  • Participation in OMTA’s Steering Group
  • Voting in the Steering Group, including voting on final specifications
  • Right to be to be considered for one of the OMTA’s officer positions

Comparing the Membership Level Benefits

Promoter Associate Member
Right and obligation to participate in Steering Group meetings Yes No
Right to participate in Working Group Yes Yes
Right to contribute to the specs Yes Yes
Patent review Yes Yes
Voting rights in Steering Group e.g.:
-          Election of chair
-          Accepting new members
-          Approval of Final Specs
-          Licensing of Final Specs
-          Membership fees
Yes No
Voting rights in Working Group
-          Selecting a draft specification to become a candidate Final Specification
Yes Yes
Liability for membership fees Yes, full fee Yes, 1/3 of the full fee only.
FRAND licensing obligations Yes Yes
Ownership of final specification Yes No
Right to use the final specification Yes Yes